Industrial Marking Systems

We offer solutions to mark your serial number, logo, or 2D DataMatrix code products.
DPM (Direct Part Marking) systems in our Technifor brand machines which are used in more than 40,000 units globally are at your service from simple workshop engravers to full traceability solutions with automatic camera readers.

Together with more than 30 years of marking expert Technifor, Alp Engineering helps you to choose the most suitable marking machine technology for your application:

  • Laser, dot matrix or abrasive technology,
  • Can be integrated, fixed or portable machines,
  • Fast, contrast, deep or surface marking,
  • Serial numbers, logos, 2D datamatrix codes, symbols, dates, etc.
  • Our application laboratory offers access to the "product identification features" without any charge.

    Product Tracking Systems

    Traceability reduces the costs of the recall campaigns and improves the production process. By means of the traceability, you can answer all the questions about your products as “What?, Where?, When?". Using the 2D DataMatrix code helps you to identify and personalize the product from the beginning.
    Strategically positioned cameras help you to learn the location of the component. Validation of the marked code is used to reject faulty parts, report the malfunction and determine the maintenance dates. With the connection to the database, it allows the data to be saved and improved in the production process which can then be used online and offline.
    Alp Engineering provides extensive solutions by integrating marking and verification systems into the assembly lines for the tracking of each part during the production process.

  • Eye readable marking: Direct and permanent marking of serial numbers, reference, text and product identification symbols.
  • Camera readable marking: Data Matrix code marking enables automatic identification of the parts using the camera during production.