Alp Engineering offers turnkey production and assembly line projects from a single source. Our project managers bring together the needs and demands related to the quality, scope, time and cost elements of the projects and manage the project in all aspects.

Turnkey "Production and Assembly Lines"

"Modernization" and "Increasing Efficiency" projects in the existing lines

What do we offer?

  • Specific process project
  • A resource solution; One address for design, production, software, installation, commissioning
  • Extensive engineering studies
  • Experienced project team
  • Effective project management
  • Single point communication; The Project Manager leads the whole communication within the project members
  • Global implementation and support
  • Global implementation and support

    Concept study: In the cases where our customers request for a tailor-made production or assembly line for their processes, we create a specific project team for the project. Then, ideas, experiences and informations are exchanged within the team. Once the scope of the project is determined, the project development team presents the concept study to the customer.

    Planning: Project scope, cost, quality and timing issues are elaborated. In this process, a project management plan is developed and shared with the customer.

    Detailed Design and Analysis: Detailed design study begins after the concept has been approved by our customer. At this stage, the design team completes the detailed drawings and simulation studies. In this process, TIPS (Theory of Inventive Problem Solving) which is a systematic technique is used to define the problems, to reach the alternative solutions of the problem, to visualize and to evaluate. Again at this stage, the line design has been made by SMED method for the quick model change. After the design approval is received from the customer, the manufacturing process starts.

    Documentation: The machine / system user manual is completed before the project final sitting and a hard copy is delivered to the customer.

    Training: After the project is installed and tested on-site; machine / system usage, maintenance and breakdown intervention trainings are provided by Alp Engineering.

    Service & Maintenance: Within the warranty period, the troubles are intervened by Alp Engineering within 24 hours. Maintenance is carried out by the customer as described in the user manual which is prepared by our company. If the customer requests us to continue to provide our service at the end of the warranty period, our company would continue to provide service under the “Service and Maintenance Contract”.